Шумпетеровские чтения

Schumpeterian Readings (SR)

Mark the 130 birthday of  J.А.SCHUMPETER !

Dear friends,
you are cordially welcome to take part in the third international scientific research conference «Schumpeterian Readings»

22-23 November 2013



Key topic SR-III:

Establishment and effective functioning of the institutes of innovative development


Goals SR-III:

Identifying theoretical regularity, systematizing the scientific and practical approaches, promoting the real technologies and managerial practices aimed at creating the innovation development institutions (innovation clusters, technoparks, innovation centres, business incubators, research schools, so on), providing efficient creative environment both within separate organizations as well as on a national and regional scale.

SR comes forth as a platform for cooperative development, opinions exchange, pool of interests and resources evolved on the side of science, business-education, business and power, all fused in innovative wave.

The conference concentrates not only on ideas generating however burning it might seem but their implementation, further realization of the joint projects to mould the institutions for  innovative development such like Perm scientific school «Management of Innovations».

At the conference it is  provided scientific support to the innovative cluster rocket engine «Technopils «New Zvezdniy» being formed  in Permskiy Kriy.


Major parametersSR-III:

Form – in person or in absentia

Language Russian, English


Key dates SR-III:

March-June 2013 - Getting and reviewing the material submitted, registration of the SR-III participants

By 01 July 2013 - End of the period of accepting the reports for the SR-III conference

July- September 2013 - Editing and publication of the SR-III material in the proceedings issue

By 30 October 2013 - Posting the SR-III proceedings issue to the authors; Placement of the materials not included in the proceedings issue on a special SR web-site

October – November 2013 - A stage of approving the SR-III conference participants and programme

22 - 23 November 2013 - Period of holding a SR-III conference


Topical offices SR-III:

1. Managing the institutions of innovative development

2. Technology of creating an effective entrepreneurial environment

3. Territorial aspect of innovative development

4. Financial and economic mechanisms of innovation infrastructure functioning

5. Ensuring the innovative development with adequate human resources

6. Industrial specifics in creating and operating the institutions of innovative development


SR-III participants:

The conference organizers are inviting scientists, academics, professionals and specialists, all people interested and carrying our any kind of theoretical or practical research  whose major competence lies in the field of design, management, implementation and efficiency assessment of innovations.



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